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    Anyone would feel comfortable with David … he's soft spoken, gentle, listens attentively, and explains information so you understand it. I especially liked his use of tuning forks (talk about getting relaxed!). I highly recommend him if you have a need for an acupuncturist!

    • Anita, Seattle

    David Tucker is absolutely fantastic and he is a master of his craft. I originally went to see him for a skin condition and he managed to fix everything else while he was at it. Everyone can benefit from this sort of care.

    • Troy, Woodinville WA

Herbal Medicine

In my practice I employ herbs and supplements as an adjunct to each individual’s treatment plan, lending to a comprehensive approach to their ability to heal, grow, change. Chinese herbal medicine is prescribed in several different forms, the most common is either a pre-formulated patent formula in pill form or a custom granular formula that would be mixed in hot water and drank as a tea. In most cases, I use Chinese herbal medicine when a symptom-based remedy is needed, and not necessarily taken long-term (i.e. cold, flu, sinus infection, etc.).

I also recommend a small handful of western herbs and supplements. Rather than focusing on specific symptoms, the ones I have handpicked have wide systemic benefits and can safely be taken long-term by most people.


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